ZENIT – KZ – 2022

36,600.00 kr.

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Homologation: CIK/FIA 014/CH/01
Main frame tubing: Cr-Mo steel 30mm
Wheelbase: 1040mm
Rear axle: 40 o 50 Ø mm, black, with 3 positions adjustable ride height
Braking system: runner (CIK/FIA 132/FR/14)
Brake lines: braided steel, silver
Rear brake disk: Self-ventilated floating rear disk, in cast-iron, 190mm Ø, thickness 16mm
Front brake disk: Self-ventilated, in cast-iron, Ø 160mm, thickness 11mm with front magnesium brake disk carrier
Rear brake caliper: Black anodized, special alloy forged caliper, 4 pistons, self-adjusting
Front brake calipers: Black anodized, special alloy forged caliper, 2 pistons, self-adjusting
Brake pump: Double-circuit brake master cylinder with aluminium oil recovery tank
stub axle: 25mm Ø hollow, with 10mm precision ground king-pin bolt
Steering wheel: 330 Ø mm, leather with embroidery
Wheels: Black magnesium wheels, low volume, 212-132mm
Chassis set up:
  • 16 positions adjustable caster/camber pills
  • front ride height
  • Adjustable Ackerman
  • Complete front stabilizer
  • Magnesium accessories
  • Adjustable exhaust holder bracket
  • Axle bearing flange with 5 fixing holes
  • Bearing axle locking adjustment screw
  • Smooth running axle bearings
  • Adjustable feet support
  • Chain guard closed type
Seat: Silver model, flat bottom
Bodywork: CIK/FIA homologated
  • Graphics kit, high thickness
  • Antislip floor tray graphic
Rear bumper: CIK/FIA homologated rear plastic protection
Options at extra charge:
  • Rear torsion bar
  • Aluminium pedals
zenit chassis

zenit chassis